January 5, 2011


The reason I like these daily prompts is that it forces me to look at the world  around me more carefully. I spent the last 24 hours looking closely at everything that passed my eye trying to notice natural diagonals. Finding diagonal lines is harder than it looks. Unfortunately I was only able to find a trite shot, but the act of looking closely at the world is what photography is all about, so I really enjoyed this prompt although I am not too happy with the final image. 

Make a photograph today with a diagonal line leading the viewer's eye through the composition.
It seems that while we are surrounded by vertical and horizontal lines, which make all sorts of angles, the diagonals are not so obvious.  Even after this prompt has passed, I am sure I will continue to look for all sorts of lines and angles. For the record there were several diagonal lines in nature, especially in trees, but they did not translate well into my photos.

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