March 22, 2016

Here Is The Gist

I should have known that today was gonna be a big hitter day when it started with Kaia asking, ”What happens when you die? What’s Good Friday? Why don’t you believe in God?”

I gave longer answers than what I’ve added below, but here is the gist:

What happens when you die?
Your body is broken back down into its essential elements, whether through cremation, burial or rot- the energy stored in your cells, that some people might call your soul, is released back into nature where it resurfaces as another form of life or matter. You have always been a part of nature and so you never actually existed, and when you die the body you inhabited simply returns back to the universe.

What’s Good Friday?

I gave a brief history of the Roman empire, the state of the Jews under said empire, spoke of Jesus as spokesmen for the Jews during reign of said empire. Mentioned that they were not too pleased with his help the poor, don’t be rich, love each other spiel so they had him killed. Oh and by the way some people believe that he was the son of God, and did I mentioned that back in those days when they killed people, they nailed people to a cross and so Jesus was nailed to a cross. Some people believe that he was killed for all the things people do wrong on earth.

After he died some people who loved him buried him in a cave and put a giant rock in front of it. Good Friday was the day he was killed. A few days later, on Sunday- Easter, he left the cave and returned to heaven.

Why don’t you believe in God?
I find the stories that people tell about God to be too simple, and I prefer to believe in science and nature and wonder. Also, I don’t like the fact that many of the stories say that we are made in his image, did I mention I don’t like that A.) he has a gender and B.) he is a man. I also am not a big fan of the idea that we are somehow different than the rest of nature and that we are meant to have dominion over the earth.

I do love the stories about Jesus being loving and kind and forgiving and non-violent, but I don’t need to believe in a god who punishes people to believe in love.

The questions ended. We finished breakfast and made our way to school.

Just got back from a mid-week movie, which is always a good idea. Saw Sisters, it just came out here, and it was crass and funny and over the top. Great way to laugh off a long day.

Created a first draft video for Learning 2.0 and it was so bad, I could barely watch it. I showed it to Paula and she looked confused. Back to the drawing board and a second draft tomorrow.

Rob Ford is dead.
Brussels is under attack.
The candidates are frothing at the mouth
and the world just got one shade darker.

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