July 3, 2016


Walking in the shadows of a Redwood grove, as the sun falls gently, illuminating the green to an almost unbearable lushness. I am walking slowly in the back with Skye, “Today is a special day for me Skye. You want to know why?”


“I am doing one of my favorite things in the world- hiking, in one of my favorite places on the planet- The California Redwood forest, with my favorite people in the world- you. My family.”

We walked on in silence.

I found the perfect trail. A few miles off the main highway and off The Avenue of Giants, we were able to hike for several hours in solitude and quiet. We passed a few fellow hikers, but for the most part, we enjoyed a perfect July day in the majesty of these trees.

“This is the only place on earth where these trees grow. And they have been here for more than two-thousand years. I am not sure if you are able to appreciate how special this place is, but someday when you come back and bring your kids it will make more sense.”

This was one of the last trips my parents and I made when I was in middle school. It was winter when we came and I remember all of us getting along. I remember the driving, the Eel River, I remember choosing REM’s Green album as my music choice, Mehran chose Mozart and Mahin passed on her turn. We stayed in some roadside cabins that I can’t seem to find for the life of me.

It is one of my favorite childhood family memories. I wonder how many of these memories will stick for our kids?

Every night, I want to spend the right amount of time writing and capturing these fleeting days, but usually I am well-spent and tired and ready for bed. Tonight is no different. We are all warm and safe in this nasty, smelly Best Western in Garberville. Tomorrow, we wake up early and hug the California coast, before we head inland to Bend, Oregon. It is a seven+ hour drive and I am looking forward to the occasional road side stop- either at the beach or some river side swim spot.

We are in Bend for five days, so it will be nice to set some roots and enjoy the backyard, hammock and hot tub.

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  1. Makes me happy reading this and seeing your photos tweeted. I spent some time in Humbolt County last year (a few days in Trinidad), Lady Bird Johnson Grove, etc. Northern California scenery is just big.