July 4, 2016

Bend, Oregon

Today feels like a week. It feels like we have crossed several countries, but it was just eight hours and two states. The morning started in a fog soaked drive from Garbervillie down into Eureka and Crescent City. Just outside of Orick we saw some elk and then the sun crept in and turned the redwoods into the greatest church I have ever seen. I tried to capture some photos, but they were nothing compared to the smell, site and feel of the sun rays as they burst through the branches and needles.

Those few minutes by the road, will go down as one of my favorite memories. I just hope that they are as special to the girls. The ride was breathtaking. The California coast and then into the mountain forests of Oregon.

We drove and drove and drove until we finally descended into central Oregon and eventually Bend. The girls were amazing in the car and have been pretty spectacular on this trip.

I have been sneezing since I woke up, so Bend has caught me a little off guard. Our house here is sweet and beautiful located a few blocks from the river, a playground and several brew pubs, each one more hip and cool then the next. Not sure if our 40+ family rolling in is the scene, but I got a beard and a Fargo T-shirt, so what do I care.

We cruised the river to get our bearings and stumbled upon a Widespread Panic show we didn’t have tickets or the energy for. Hippies everywhere selling jewelry and coconut water and the smell of…. Oregon…in the air. Ahhh... to be home.

This is a town I think I am going to like. At the moment, we are in the house, nursing these sinuses and a few beers. Tomorrow is fourth of July, so things will be crazy, but I am excited to cruise this place for a few days after that. There is a hot tub in our back yard. The sun is hot, the people seem kind and I am on vacation with nothing to do but soak it all up.

After driving through some small towns replete with gun shops and more church than I would like to mention, Bend, Oregon is the America I know and love. So excited to spend her birthday here.

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