July 5, 2016

Fourth Poem

Woke up- around 8am.
My wrists (yes both of them) hurt like they do everyday.
I ignored them and “prayed” they would get better. I will need some serious attention when we get home. Till then it is summer. More ignoring.
Headed to coffee.
Tempeh, tofu, lemon kale breakfast sandwich at Next Level Burger (Another vegan burger place in town)
Sun. Sun glasses. Cool breeze.
Grocery shopping. Whole Earth. Book shopping.
Home for lunch and first beer. 1pm.
Second beer.
Walked to town.
Bikes. Flags. Drunk folk. Snow cones. Lawns.
Deschutes Brewery. Flight of beers. Pretzel. Tofu sandwich with kimchi. Peanut butter pie.
More walking. Laying in the grass. Walking along the river. Late after noon buzz.
A magician.
Home. Skype with Mary Jo and Patrick.
More beer.
One more.
Some TV. The kids are hooked on Disney channel shows- Girl Versus World and Liv and Madi.
Hot hub. History lesson on America. Stars. Relaxed.
More beer.
More TV.
Some fireworks from the front yard. Skye says, “Thanks. Goodnight and happy birthday America.”
Chips and salsa.
Another beer.
Orange Is The New Black.

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