July 12, 2016

Day Dreams

On some days at work, usually on Fridays after lunch when I have two classes to teach, I daydream of being able to do whatever I want. I allow the fantasy of freedom take over and I walk to class with a lingering sense of wishing I could be on a lake in a cabin napping throughout the day. I might read a bit in this dream, maybe snack on some food, maybe even have a beer. I might get too groggy, so then I will jump in the lake go for a swim, perhaps to a tiny island where I will jump off a rock and be refreshed and invigorated. I will swim back and appreciate the clouds and the slight breeze and the snowcapped mountains in the distance.

Once on shore, I will grill up dinner, enjoy a red wine and play checkers with Skyelar. This fantasy is necessary on Fridays in April, when I am about to hit a wall and I am super tired. But on days like today, when I am in a cabin on a lake in Canada it is just reality.

It is a bit passed nine pm, the sun has almost set and there are few other plans for tomorrow, but more of the same.

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