July 13, 2016

Full and Bloated

The days are slow but they go so fast. Woke up at ten am today and expect for the short hike around the lake, I only moved from one couch to the other. Read. Nap. Lunch. Nap. Then it was time to jump in the lake.

It is cold, freezing really, but I decided no matter the temperature I will jump into this lake at least once a day. It was glass smooth and dark green. Inviting. After the initial shock, I swam a bit, until we got all the kids in the water too. We jumped off a nearby rock and then back at the cabin preparing dinner.

Feeling full and bloated, I mustered enough energy for a quick canoe tour of the lake then lounging on the couch by a fire. Slow night. Early to bed.

I glanced at some news, but decided to ignore it. I am rarely checking in on line, but to post a few photos and these posts. The world will have to wait. I can’t imagine much good is happening out there.

Here on the lake, we saw a lake otter swim the span of the water. I saw the clouds burn off to reveal the tip of the snow-capped moutons around diner time and we head a woodpecker in the woods. That seems to be more than enough to keep me satisfied.

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