July 23, 2016

Empty and Tired

The convention is over and thank god, because I am out of political juice. The whole Tim Kaine and the snub by the DNC to its progressive wing can wait until next week. This guy is what he is and the Dems are what they are. The powers that be have succeeded in scaring the bejesus out of everyone on the left and we will be stuck with what we get. Nothing to get excited about. But I don’t actually live here, so maybe I should calm the hell down.

One thing I have learned through another election year is that these presidential elections are not the way to affect change. We have to get in there and vote at every level, at every election and if there are no candidates that match our needs we need to find some, or become some, but this system is broken from the top down and the only way to fix it is from the grassroots.

I remember going to ISO (International Socialist Organization) meetings when I lived in NYC years ago, and never have I seen such committed and dedicated people to making real change for everyday Americans. We discussed politics, planned demonstrations, sold newspapers and tried to get people involved. It is this level of involvement that is necessary. If the ISO is not your thing that join a church group or find like-minded people and start your own group.

Because regardless of what happens in November there will be work to do.

In other news:

Roxanne Gay and Ta-Nehisi Coates are writing a new Marvel comic. That is pretty rad.

The murderer in Munich is apparently Iranian. #sigh

In North Miami, the police officer who shot an unarmed African-American therapist trying to calm an autistic patient said he shot the therapist by accident—and that he actually meant to shoot the autistic man, who was cradling a toy truck.

My day was dull and cloudy and grey. We went to an outlet mall and stocked up on some school clothes for the family. Not fun but necessary.

Not one photo from the day. That is sad.

Tomorrow I will pick up Ari from the airport. I have not seen him in six years. We will spend a week together, catching up, chatting, hiking, swimming and all that other good jazz. Tonight, I owe Mairin some TV, seeing that I have been up late each night carving out my own spleen watching the RNC.

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