July 24, 2016

Short One

This is a short one. Not much thinking today and it was pretty low key:

Woke up and went to the Bellingham Farmers’ market. I have been here long enough to say it was “so Bellingham.” The was a Mumford and Son’s look-a-like band complete with bowler hats and mutton chops. There was the girl with dreads from some farm selling her greens and I bought a sweet orange artist's T-shirt.

After that some lunch, a Tofu Reuben with squash and habanero soup. This is my kind of town with the veggie options.

Then some down time, good bye to Mary Jo and Patrick and a music blasting, sunset on Mt. Rainier drive to the airport to get Ari.

Arrived home after midnight to a beer and some cold pizza. Tomorrow starts another week in the USA. Looking forward to a visit with Risa and Keith. Till then. Sleep

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