July 15, 2016

Fire-Warmed Room

I was in the lake twice today. The second time early in the evening after the rainstorm as the steam was rising from the water. The water felt abnormally warm, but the cool breeze instantly woke me up. We had been playing cards all afternoon in a fire-warmed room and the change of scenery felt fresh and necessary.

Today was another well-spent day. We took the kids for a morning walk, where they played freely in the woods. They took risks and navigated their own paths through the moss-covered rocks and fallen tree trunks.

Another few naps. Lunch. Dinner.

Skyelar was back on Ant Island, but still did not jump. It is actually too big a jump for her, so we are trying to talk her out of it, but she is determined to kayak out there each day and try to talk herself into it. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Speaking of tomorrow, we are hoping to hike The Chief tomorrow. This has been a great week, in a great place in the middle of a great summer. The days fade one into the next and I haven’t combed my hair or ever looked in a mirror for a few weeks.

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