July 16, 2016

The Chief

Today was a day. We all got up relatively early and headed to hike/climb The Chief. It was a bit more than we all thought, but all four kids, including Skyelar did an amazing job and the views at the top were well worth it. She started off a bit whiny and tired, but as soon as we hit the rocks, ladders and chains she loved it.

Not much else today. Lunch. Another flight of beers. A swim across the lake. Some cards. Dinner. And a quiet fade into night.

Tomorrow is our last full day here and it will be weird to be back in civilization. The days have been pretty magical. Looking forward to a warm and sunny day with lots of time in the water and on the docks.

Every night, I am too tired and well-spent to worry too much with words or thoughts. The world is crumbling around us again, but I am hoping to stick my head in the ground for a few more days.

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