July 6, 2016

River and Snow

I have not been reading. Like not even a page. I have not been running. Like not even a step. Though I took my book out of my bag and charged my watch. The days are slow and easy and today started at a lake in the snow with the kids running feral in the wilderness. It was a great morning

Stopped for a coffee and I realized I will be missing a free Blind Pilot show by a night and Built To Spill by two nights. WTF?!?! Poor planning.

Bend is great. It is a nature lover's, coffee, beer paradise. It feels like some weird Stepford Wife town where everyone is chill, bearded, wearing a trucker’s hat, and sporting a kayak or canoe on their Subaru Forester. The houses are pretty and the river is chill. Every restaurant has vegan options and a flight of beers. It is surrounded by mountains and a forest.

But before we checked property prices and the average teacher’s salary, I had to remind myself that there would be no paid yearly trips to Daraja, or Tall Ship sailing or weekend get aways to Thailand.

Being home feels good and weird and strange and comfortable, but also very foreign. Being an expat means that we feel like foreigners everywhere. I just can’t feel like home here. Having said that, this is a great place to pass away the days. Tomorrow, we are tubing on the river and hopefully meeting up with Jenn to check out another brewery.

I have other thoughts and things to say about Baghdad and terrorism and #AltonSterling, but my brain is tired and I am lazy. I am enjoying the various degrees of privilege that I have. So on that note, good night.

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