July 7, 2016


I don’t know how to write about the sadness. I read the tweets, the articles, the opinions. I watch the videos. Getting angry is never enough. I would like to think that I can somehow add something to this madness, but the truth that is becoming more and more apparent is that the Internet is showing us injustice, evil and cruelty on a minute by minute basis. We can now watch murder, racism, terrorism, mass shootings, and the reaction or inaction to it all just as fast as we scroll a feed. But maybe we were not built to process the world's suffering.

We get angry or indignant. We make excuses or choose up sides, but in the end we feel powerless, because a like or a sad face or a blog post will do little to fix the horror we see online. The world is open and dying right in front of us everyday, but we are helpless to act. We internalize and try to connect, but our hearts are not big enough to deal with the oppression and injustice writhing in our screens.

This is going nowhere. I need more time to process.

In contrast- it is July. My life is good and easy and safe. The guilt is nothing compared to what so many people out there face each night before they go to sleep.

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