August 2, 2016

Last Night

So much to say, but so little energy. I have a “leaving-America” write up, but it might have to wait until we actually touch down in Singapore. I am looking forward too being home and doing more substantial writing. We fly out tomorrow and will be home after our 20 hour journey.

All I can muster these days are brief daily summaries.

Today was pretty amazing. Took Skye to San Francisco, where we enjoyed a perfect day in playgrounds, lunch and at the MOMA. At one point she informed me that the two jobs she never wants to do are being a bull fighter and a person who fights in a war. I can live with that. She was on best behaviour and we had a great time on the ferry enjoying my old home. It felt so weird being in The City with her, but my write-up of San Francisco will have to wait too.

All I can say tonight is that we had an amazing summer and I am rested and looking forward to seeing friends in Singapore and starting another amazing school year.

We will lose a day in transit, so see you all on the other side. 

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