August 4, 2016

Jet Lag Fringe

Brain feels a bit mushy.

Landed last night, this morning, at 3am. We were home and a sleep shortly after. Woke up around 8 feeling pretty good. Went to Wild Honey for brunch, had a Bloody Mary. Then did some quick shopping and I got my haircut. Came home to unpack a bit and dinner at East Coast Park with Steven and Katy.

Nice to have a quick catch up, but it is 8:05pm- it is pitch black outside and I am fading fast. No time or energy left for anything meaningful to say tonight.

I am a bit nervous for the amount of things that have to be done to be ready for work next week, but I will assume that it will get done. I hope to pop by school tomorrow to get a sense of how my classroom is looking, seeing that I had to move, and start getting a few things in order.

I am very much looking forward to sometime away from my own kids and catching up with the rest of our friends here in Singapore.

And now sleep, hopefully till the morning. 

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