August 5, 2016

Work Mode

Okay that was exhausting. Spent my first full day back in Singapore getting things done-

A quick catch up with Keri-Lee

Turned my classroom from disaster zone into I-could-teach-tomorrow-if-I-had-to zone

Dinner at Alt Pizza

Suicide trip to Ikea on a Friday night for some classroom things. I got some lamps and a new easel. Next stop plant store for some trees. Then get the paper/fabric on the walls, and some visuals (what was I thinking? Still a ways to go. But I made a good dent for day one.)

And now, although I am claiming that I have beat jet lag once again, I am dying for sleep. Looking forward to another 9+ hour night.

It was great to see Scott, Ian, Duff, Miles and Paula at school today and start getting myself back into school mode. Although it all feels pretty overwhelming right now- new room, new grade level, new units and a new role…I am sure it will all work out. Excited to be in front of kids again doing what we do.


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