September 22, 2016

Friday Not Friday

Today really felt like a Friday. I have that end of the week exhaustion, but I have still a Friday to complete. Not too much to report from the Little Red Dot and less to pontificate about. Work was work. I have the Daraja Global Concerns group at lunch and Off Tangent after school. Taught a few classes and put out a few small fires. Then a Daraja trip info night for parents. (We are pretty close to our numbers and had a few parents sign up right after the meeting.)

Our Daraja Crew (Shruti, Paula, Jenn, Georgina) was there to support and we went out for dinner and a beer after. Good conversation and good food. It is always a pleasure to hang out with these amazing woman. I usually just sit and listen and observe how different their friendships are compared to men. I crack the occasional joke and then they say something like, “you can come too Jabiz.” It’s always a good time.

Now. Time for sleep. Other thoughts and posts are still brewing.

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