September 10, 2016

Everyone Is Pleased

I’m not sure what it must feel like to return form the dead ala some kind of ghost story or a zombie tale, but I am quite certain it must feel like what I felt like today as I struggled to regain consciousness after my afternoon nap.

My eyes were open and I could feel my limbs and the world that surrounded them, but for the first few minutes I was powerless to move. I felt like I had been drugged and was reawakening after surgery. The body needs what the body needs and after an hour long allergy attack or potential in to a cold, my body needed sleep.

Pretty mellow day. Lots of driving- pick up Mairin from Zumba and drive to Kaia’s sewing class, then drive to breakfast at Wild Honey, then back to get Kaia and off to some trampolining at Zoom. I was too tired, so I finished my Dave Eggers book instead. Then off to Changi Point to get Kaia some new basketball shoes. They look massive on her tiny legs, but she is the proud owner of a pair of new Lebrons. Good deal. Everyone is pleased.

Back home. Aforementioned death nap. Drive to take out Veganberg. Then Woody Allen flick with Mairin. Post dinner drink at hip rooftop bar in a parking lot and home for season finale of Orange Is The New Black. This is the exciting life of a 42 year old MS English teacher.

Didn’t do any work. Or think about work. Well, I thought about not thinking about work, but never actually did anything about it. And now the house is quiet and dark and there is nothing left to do but rest in the luxury of a quiet simple night.

I read somewhere that the entire Seattle Seahawks team might kneel for the national Anthem in their season opener on September 11th. Not sure what that will prove, but not too deep in my heart I hope they do. I never cared much for that song or the flag and all the people that get bent out of shape when we say that both the song and the flag and the ideals they seem to think they represent might be fallible. And if they really believed in what they think freedom means, they would worry more about justice and fairness and equality then the bullshit they spout for most of their time.

Wah…where did that come from?

Good night.

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