September 11, 2016

Sick (Sun)Day

Today wasn’t great. Pretty crappy actually. The sneezing yesterday was not from allergies and it feels like I have some kind of sickness. I have been in a fog for most of the day- sneezy, achy, head ache and low energy made for a day enduring, but not really enjoying. Took Skye to basketball. Broke down in tears, not sure why, when Long December by The Counting Crows came on the Spotify playlist.

A quick lunch, then I was off to get a haircut. Had an hour wait so I had a giant soy latter and read random tweets and articles that annoyed me or made me angry in a variety of ways.

Came home for a rest and the took Kaia to see Captain Fantastic. We have been waiting all week to see it, and I was so curious to hear what she thought, but but we didn't get the chance as they wouldn’t let us see it because it is rated M18. So we caught up with Mairin and Skye who were seeing Pete’s Dragon. The theater was freezing and the movie was luke-warm at best. A furry dragon? Sorry not buying it.

Then home. Thera Flu and looking at bed before ten PM. Here’s to hoping for a better day tomorrow.

The Seattle thing I was looking forward to by the way, is some #alllivesmatter bullshit, so there is that.

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