September 7, 2016


Either I wasn’t paying much attention to what my week would look like after I came back from California, or I didn’t take it seriously enough. Either way it has been a bit of sink or swim. I think I have my head above water, but it might be too soon to call.

Had a grade level meeting that I ran today after school, then a grade 6 assembly in the morning, and a parent coffee morning on Friday. The presentations and activities are coming together. The video is mostly ready, will have to add a few clips I wasn’t able to shoot in the morning, but it is coming together.

And less than a month to plan/design my workshops and Learning 2 Talk for Learning 2.0. Deep breath. It will all come together. It will all be fine.

Three day weekend coming up and Mairin and I were talking about taking the kids to see Captain Fantastic, because…..why not? Can’t wait to see what Kaia thinks. In other news, we were back at the skate park tonight and it felt good to be back on my wheels. No major falls and the wrists are feeling good.

I had an entire post ready in my head about brand loyalty, but too many work tasks and slideshows have melted those words into the far reaches of my brain. It’s time for some Dave Eggers (His latest book by the way is OFF THE HOOK) I am in love with every sentence.

I feel disconnected and unmoored. This is not necessarily an uncomfortable feeling right now. Feel like a kite adrift, waiting to have my string pulled or to crash into a tree. For the time being, I will enjoy the view and try to catch a breeze.

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