October 30, 2016

Mellow Day

It was a mellow morning. A mellow lunch. A mellow afternoon. A mellow evening. A mellow dinner and not it is a quarter to ten and I am listening to a random Patti Griffin album I have never heard before. Most of my work is done and we might watch a bit of TV before bed, either way I hope to clock about 50 pages of my book.

The kids were tired today, seeing that they stayed up till passed eleven last night. They were testy and mean. So was I. Despite the chill out mood, I snapped a few times and it actually felt pretty good to let them know how annoying they were being.

We started the day with basketball and it was so great seeing Kaia and her teammates really picking up the pace of their game. Kaia was pivoting, running, rebounding and taking a healthy amount of shots and sinking them. It was the first time where it felt like we were watching a real basketball game. There is nothing more satisfying that watching your kid gain confidence.

Later...lunch at Bergs and home for downtime and some “play-by-yourself-no-you-can’t-have-screentime-leave-mommy-and-daddy-alone-we-need-naps,” kind of day.

I got some work done and prepared for Monday and off to a haircut and shave with Shawn. Full hot towel experience, chilling with the dudes at DeepCuts Barber's, listening to some great tunes and then we grabbed a burger and a beer (portobello for me) at Burger Joint.

Now home. Rested. Tired. Ready for some Halloween candy and November around the corner.

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