October 31, 2016

The The Poem

The Raiders are 6-2.
The Walking Dead was meh.
The emails are making us crazy.
The pipeline is not just a metaphor.
The kids were still excited to be in costume.
The students are setting writing goals.
The dinner I ate was not good for me.
The running I didn’t do was worse.
The haircut I got was well revived.
The moustache I will grow won’t be.
The classes I taught today went well.
The time tonight is making me lazy.
The day tomorrow will be busy.
The basketball I will watch should be good.
The candy I am eating is tasty.
The Election cannot come any faster.
The ballot I ordered never came.
The angst I am feeling is here.
The shows I want to watch are piling up.
The one I love the most (Transparent) left me crying.
The music festival tickets I need to buy are still waiting.
The week will go by so quickly, followed by the month and this year, till the end from here on out.
The minutes I live in feel so empty.
The months are overflowing.
The posts I am writing are ending.
The ideas for what next are growing.
The stories I have yet to tell are waiting.
The book I am reading is waiting.
The dreams I will forget are brewing.
The ending we need is disappointing.

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