November 1, 2016


The was a fierceness in her eyes.

A fire has been lit.

I watched her eyes scan the court, while she dribbled with more confidence than I have ever seen, looking for a lane to drive or an open player for the pass.

Her shorts fit right. Her shoes, although a bit big, felt less clunky. A tight black sport’s bar and her number eleven jersey hung from her sinewy shoulders like a baller. A small tight pony tail.

She ran back on defense. Covered her girl. Jumped for rebounds. Fought for balls. Recognized the assists and took the shots. They played two games and for the first time in two years they won both games. She played well. Her team looked like a real team. She scored a few baskets. She drove the lane. Made lay-ups. Ran one coast-to-coast.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about her disappointment about being on the B-team, but today as we hugged after the game, drove home and had a celebratory dinner, she seemed to understand the slow progress of learning and hard work.

Unfortunately this was the last few games of the season, but she will continue to play every week at Fast Break. Big thanks to Steven for working with the girls and getting them ready and jazzed for the season. I really hope that basketball is something that Kaia loves and enjoys. It was very fun watching her run the court.

I had five meetings today and am pretty spent. Full Frontal, Halloween candy, a glass of wine, reading and a new day tomorrow.

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