November 2, 2016

Walk Away

Overheard today during my duty at lunch in the Grade 8 pod:

Student One: Did you check out that Frank Zappa I sent you.
Student Two: Yeah. It was okay. Pretty weird though.
Me: Wait are you guys talking about Frank Zappa?
Student Two: Yeah.
Me: Wow. That’s pretty impressive.
Student Two: Yeah, student one is a rock music expert.
Student One: Actually I am more of a fusion jazz expert.
Me: Carry on boys. Carry on.

I walked away.

Me: I just planned to say exactly what I wanted and then had to temper it way down so as not to upset people.
Richard: And that is the very nature of leadership.

A sixth grade shared some of his writing with me in class today. He showed me a few leads he was working on, using the mentor text as a model. He is not the strongest writer, but he seemed so please with his work. I high fived him. We smiled. I could see in his eyes that he finally understood that writing is not a magical trait some people possess. It is the everyday practice of working on skills and getting better.

My brain is pretty fired right now. Long day, behind the eight ball today. Played a lot of catch up and then a 3 hour after school meeting and a few hours of work at home. Feeling better about where I am, but not well enough to write much more than this.

It is early in the evening and I need some entertainment and escape. Atlanta final episode is on cue and I am looking forward to some extended reading tonight.

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