November 3, 2016

The Fervor and The Peace

“Darling, remember when you come to me
I'm the pretender and I, what I'm supposed to be
But who could know if I'm a traitor
Time's the Revelator”

Gillian Welch

I was a blur at work today. I wouldn’t have recognized myself, even if I had two minutes to look in a mirror. I was running from the second I arrived on campus. I don’t share these list of events to brag. I am not sure why I share them. I am not saying that everyone in the world is not just as busy. I am not promoting busyness as some sort of point of pride. It just helps me unwind to name the things that had me thinking and working and energised all day. I want to know what is responsible for this state of near collapse, as I sit with the wine and the soft guitar music soothing my soul.

It is through our work, our labor, physical or intellectual that we grow. The events of my day are not meant to be complaints or boasts, but simple acknowledgements for how I spend the seconds, minutes and hours of my life. I arrived a bit early at 7:25:

  • Student of concern meeting. 
  • Covered half a mentor class
  • Ran to the Parent Coffee Morning I was facilitating. 
  • Caught up on email
  • Planned and re-planned the times and dates for the grade 6 trip to Tioman
  • Met with one of the members of the grade 6 team for a check in
  • Grabbed a salad to go for lunch
  • Ran Daraja meeting (getting closer to assigning role and moving toward goal setting) 
  • Taught two eighty minute classes
  • Ran Off Tangent our literary magazine (One of the most student driven things I have ever done. They are simply amazing) 
  • Came home read with Skyelar
  • Listened to Kaia’s Math homeshare
  • Had dinner. 
  • Got over guilt of not running. 
  • Got kids ready for bed and sat with them to fall asleep
  • Sent off a few emails
  • Started to organize some Movember stuff
  • and now…the music is quiet. Not much left to so but stare at some entertainment. Something from Netflix or youtube. 
  • Read a few pages and sleep. 

Tomorrow is Friday and we have a great dinner planned. The weekend is upon us, and as we march into November, I am reminded of the Redwoods from the summer. The hours on the road. The streets of Bend, Oregon. The cabin. The calm. The rest. The ease.

I am grateful to have both- The fervor and the peace.

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