November 5, 2016

We Friday Nighted Like Champs

We taught kids.
We talked shop.
We at lunch.
We taught kids.
We watched a social.
We ate dinner.
We drank wine.
We laughed.
We talked.
We drove around in a taxi.
We didn’t go where wanted.
We drank beer.
We drank whiskey.
We talked school.
We talked Trump.
We talked Vegan.
We talked bacon and Cesar Salad.
We walked in the hood.
We listen to music.
We talk music documentaries and Smashing Pumpkins.
We talked HD and grit and Taylor Swift.
We played darts.
We walked the streets.
We laughed.
We hi-fived.
We were hard and mean.
We hugged and said good bye.
We lived.
We Friday nighted like champs.

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