December 31, 2021


the sky
the color
of whales and elephants
heavy and thick, slow moving-
envelops the intermittent grumbling
of thunder like bullets igniting
in an ashen bag of wool.

wet and bored.
resting lethargy-
in a book
on the phone
in and out of sleep.
drooping cat’s eyes
don’t feel guilty
from lack of productivity.

they invite us to destigmatize
so much of our shame,
but another year is about to expire,
your left holding
a year’s worth of poems
worth little more than
a sack of magic beans.

mix a drink
play a record
let’s gets ready
to celebrate.

December 30, 2021


feels so right in the moment
clutching the mic stand like an anchor:
a jump, a headbang, a thrust
total freedom like in your room
at eight, ten, twelve, eighteen, twenty four
and so on and so on. a bottle of wine
at your feet and enough songs in your throat
to warrant applause. the little voice, gone
from your head, under the lights: the one
asking the obvious questions: am i good enough?
will they like me? is this cool or pathetic: us
up here, missing fifty, playing rock stars.

there are moments- eyes closed, spinning,
riding the bassline, drum beat pounding, searing
quitar solo, when you let go and quiet the voice,
there is no play acting, there is no doubt. only
a fierce freedom too hot not to trust. there is no
choice but to let yourself burn and sing. a voice
committed to rock and roll in a small room to a small
crowd will always be a beautiful thing.

December 29, 2021


thinking about underdogs all day today.
losers and freaks and the not so
popular crews. when i was college aged,
we played a game, where we turned our
names into verbs and to jabiz was to:
think you were going to win when it was
clear you had no chance of winning. there’s no
better way to illustrate that point that to show pride  
in that sentiment. the humming birds lost the nest
for the third time in as many week this week.
john madden died and our team is hanging on by a thread.
the birds are back at attempt four. we play on monday
and i’m shooting for the moon. i’ll deal with the disappointment
when it comes- for now i’m betting it all on any misfits
that are willing to put it all on the line