December 25, 2010


Six years ago, my wife and I were on Koh Phi Phi Island during the Tsunami. You can read the story here. This is only the first draft of something I wrote a week after the event. It is raw and choppy and needs some love. Six years later, I am ready to revisit it soon. I am working on a second draft for the book, so stay tuned.

Every day since December 26th, 2004, I have tried to lead my life in a manner that illustrates that I have not forgotten the lessons one learns when one barely avoids death. Some days I live this life better than others, but one cannot help thinking about the direction a life takes after avoiding a giant tsunami wave by feet, minutes, seconds.

Here is my take on it this year...

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone. I love every single person who has taken the time to watch this, read this blog and share your lives with me through the various online channels. I do not want to get overly sentimental for fear of sounding melodramatic, but I hope you have had a great year and are living your lives to the fullest. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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