March 5, 2011


My best friend from high school, Ari, over at We Buy Balloons has been writing some amazing poems. I want to do a long term project with his words, like record a CD, so today I grabbed my guitar, recruited Kaia and played around with a few lines. It is raw and fresh and honest. I hope to record a few more and see where these go. I will upload them all to Soundcloud, so feel free to download them add your spin and upload them again.

I think these poems offer a sweet taste of vulnerability and motional honesty that can help us all. Add your voice, let's sing together.

a candle, lit and alive,
burns within me
night and day,
rain or shine.

this flame may flare and flicker.
yet something tells me i can't be sure.

perhaps it's only when
i seek warmth someplace else
that my candle seems to fade.

when i trust my light,
this love catches fire...

Candle by intrepidflame

And of course mention anything to Bryan Jackson and get his take within 24 hours.  Thanks Bryan:

Candle(s) - collaboration w/ Jabiz Raisdana & Ari Zeiger by Bryanjack

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