August 29, 2018

Errant Bullets

Here is a chance to let spill a few random thoughts a bit passed ten in late August whilst listening to Leonard Cohen in order to clear my head and rattle this rusty cage to try and free a few ideas from their slumber.

Sometimes I get too hung up on news stories about incompetence and ignorant criminality, that I forget that I can create a universe of verse anytime I want. I just have to sit focus on my mind and the words it might conjure. No about of exhaustion should ever get in the way of the attempt to create something from nothing. The faith in anything, in many things, in these little things can be all I need on nights when I’m left tattered from the teaching and parenting and from simply being me. Buried beneath the weight of self, pushing these words onto to you to help carry the burden, seems to help.

The thoughts ricochet like errant bullets:

I really hope the Raiders sign Kalil Mack before the season starts. I don’t have to have an opinion about everything or feel the need to respond to every one of his idiotic tweets.

A school is a collective place that is not ever meant to be perfect. It’s an exercise in evolution and everyone plays a part. Let some things go.

If I want to learn about mindfulness and I want to teach mindfully, I must practice and take the time to be present. That doesn’t mean fast forwarding videos or doing other things to save time.

I want to make a T-shirt that says, "It’s not work, it’s teaching."

Every moment, everyday in the classroom in front of those kids has the potential to be magical and I cannot allow the mystical to become the mundane.

Listen more. Listen More. Listen more and actually care.

Don’t be so frustrated with kids. Argue less. Give in more. Use your voice to reassure those around you and emit peace through word, action and thoughts. Give yourself a break.

You’re doing alright.

Your thoughts matter even without the likes, even if no one sees them. Give them shape, wrap them in syntax, but don’t worry too much about how they’re received.

Write more. Write more often. Write more

Three weeks have passed. Get back to the novel. If you can’t run, go for walks. Remember when you used to play at open mic? What happened to the nervous thrill of the stage? What songs would you sing in 2018?

This is it. This is the moment where you start. This is your life and it is passing, every time you complain about being tired or overwhelmed. Now is the time to be the better dad, husband, teacher or friend. Now is the time to be the best you.

The way you interact with those around you: kids, wife, students, colleagues is who you are, so do it with intention and love and peace and attention.

None of this matters. Hit delete. It’s all self-help gibberish. But what if someone likes it? Are you doing this for that validation or because you needed to clear the cobwebs? Can’t it be both? You are a vain insecure narcissist who does most things for attention. Even your honesty and vulnerability reeks of an attention seeking scam.

Please stop being so cruel. I need you to be kind to me.

I need to work my way through these thoughts, and to me that has always meant sharing. It makes me feel less alone, less helpless to know that someone out there understands.

Sleep well friend.

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